Breakstem® Fasteners

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  • Aluminum alloy breakstem fastener with a split tail formation providing a very large blind side bearing area against rear sheet.
BTR Rivet®
  • Structural blind rivet that a free-legged footprint providing a watertight joint
  • Available with a neoprene seal
  • BTR blind rivets function well in materials where other fasteners fail
  • The folder legs individually conform to curved surfaces enabling fastening onto pipes, corrugations and other challenging shaped applications
  • Oversized or elongated holes can be adequately covered by the large leg formations to resist pull through under stress in high tension-load applications.
  • High strength stainless steel breakstem fasteners with excellent bulbing tail formation.
  • Ideal for thin sheet materials
  • Multi-grip, high strength steel and stainless steel breakstem fastener.
AVD Peel
  • Suitable for joining plastics, rubber, wood and laminates.
  • Widely used in the assembly of caravans, trailers, furniture, plastic-framed windows – any products involving joining of soft or friable materials.