Lockbolt® Fasteners

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Lockbolt® fasteners
  • High tensile, grade 8.8
  • Vibration and tamper resistant
  • Eliminates problems associated with loose nuts, lock nuts, bolts and solid rivets
  • Avoid operator error
  • Consistent pretension values
  • High speed installation, low noise level, high consistent clamp values
  • High strength bolt type fastener
  • Variety of head forms and lengths
HYDRALOC “T”® Pin and Collar
  • Available from 10 - 28 mm diameter
  • Various lengths
  • Grade 8.8 13 – 28 mm
HYDRALOC ‘T’® Nut head Pin & Collar
  • Designed for applications where access is difficult
  • Available from 13 – 28 mm diameter
  • Various lengths
  • Grade 8.8
Multi- grip Pin & Collar
  • Available from 5 – 10 mm diameter.
  • Various lengths
  • Versatile fastener with extensive grip range
  • Ideal for applications where material thickness vary
  • Reduces stock holding, avoid operator error and provides cost effective benefits over traditional fastening methods
C106 Pin & Collar
  • C106 pin & Collar is a metric fastener
  • 5 – 10 mm diameter
  • Round head
  • Avoid operator error and provides cost effective benefits over traditional fastening methods
  • Available in various lengths
Large Diameter Blind Fasteners (IBOMR)
  • High strength industrial bolt used in situations where a two-piece fastener would commonly be used.
  • IBOM is a heavy duty, high strength, tamper resistant, blind steel fastener.
  • Use on blind-sided applications, which means that the fasteners install from just one side by a single worker, saving time and reducing cost.
  • High tensile and shear strength, fast installation, vibration resistance, limited grip capability, tamper resistant
  • Ideal for areas with restricted access
  • Available from ½” to ¾” diameter
  • The Avdel Avtainer® fastener is a high strength steel fastener for joining composite materials to metal.
  • With a high shear strength due to the internally locked stem the Avtainer® rivet create a vibration resistant joint whilst the under – head Neoprene ™ seals creates a watertight joint.
  • The Avbolt® heavy duty fastener is a structural blind fastener with high strength and tamper resistance.
  • Designed for use I heavy-duty fastening applications such as construction, container, railway, mining and bridge building.
  • The Avdelok® lockbolt is a high strength, vibration resistant lockbolt with high, controlled clamp.
  • Quick to install and easy to inspect for tampering, making this the ideal rivet for heavy engineering applications.
  • Available in Carbon steel and Aluminium Alloy
  • The Maxlok® lockbolt is a high strength, vibration resistant lockbolt with multi-grip capability.
  • The wide grip range of the Maxlok® lockbolt enables usage in a variety of situations reducing inventory and simplifying stock control.
  • The high shear strength and superior, controlled clamp means the Maxlok® lockbolt is ideal for high strength assembly. With quick installation and easy inspection this two-piece rivet is versatile and secure.