Special Fasteners

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  • Avlock International manufactures and distributes a wide range of specialised fasteners for various applications world wide.
  • These specialised fasteners are manufactured to exact customer specifications.
  • Available in various head forms, materials, plating and finishes.
Solid Rivets
  • A solid rivet has a manufactured head on one end and a solid shank on the other end.
  • The shank of the rivet can be produced with a straight cut-off or a chamfered cut-off end.
  • A die point can be manufactured into the shank end to aid alignment during assembly
  • Common head styles are oval, truss, round, button, universal, pan, countersunk and flat
  • Solid rivets are the strongest rivets used in fastened joints.
  • Secondary heat treatment (anneal) to the rivet can make the rivet more ductile prior to clinching in certain applications.
  • Rivets can be hardened for some applications to improve strength and durability.
  • Rivet plating and coating options are selected dependent on the application.
  • Various materials available
Hinge Pins
  • A hinge pin is a piece of cylindrical metal that holds together the two arms of a hinge in such a manner that the arms can freely pivot around the pin.
Slam & Hook Locks
  • Used on retractable security barriers.